Do you like to laze and do you love nature?

Between Leeuwarden and Harlingen, on a stone's throw away of Franeker we have all the ingredients at home for a relaxed day on the inland waterways of the countryside of Friesland. A day where you can think back to with a radiant smile.

Do you want to gain breath from the hurried world around you?

Come to rent a boat, so you and your party can relax. Sailing on the inland waterways gives you an opportunity to experience something else! On walking distance there are landscapes you sometimes traverse, but where you never expected such a variety, such an  appearance of rest and beauty, where everything comes together: water, sociability, doing nothing,  traditions, history, the countryside, the gastronomy… please make your choice.

A day on the water. Very relaxing and suitable as employees outing, it also stimulates the team spirit. Family parties on and to the water are greatly appreciated. The sail tours in Franeker are perfect to combine with for example a visit to the Royal Planetarium. We aspire to provide everything custom-made, so completely adapted to your wishes. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further information.

Do you want to enjoy yourself with a cup of tea, coffee or a soft drink?

That’s possible in our tea garden by the water (with sunroom). You will very likely feel as home with us in Hitzum. A nice, no-nonsense spot where you settle down for a while during a boat, car, biking or walking trip.